Rocío Ruiz Méndez. Spanish teacher. Docente Spaans.

Rocío Ruiz Méndez started working for Bass Muziek in 2018. She finished her Bachelor degree in English Language and Culture at the University of Groningen (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen). Before that, she studied at the University of Granada in southern Spain, where she is from.

When she was younger she already had a fascination and interest in foreign languages. At the age of three, she already had English lessons at pre-school. She liked it so much that she started learning French as well. Once at university, she took Japanese lessons. Up to today she is still not done with learning new languages as she is now studying Dutch.

Her experience as a language student and being a native speaker are key insights to her teaching methods. Some of the aspects that she teaches at Bass Muziek are speaking, grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading skills as well as extensive cultural background about the Spanish-speaking world. Rocío likes meeting new people, therefore her lessons are lively, accessible and most importantly, a lot of fun!