Spanish language lessons. In Groningen.

Spanish is a blooming language with almost 500 million speakers all over the world!

Our lessons give you access to one of the most relevant languages in a global scale, and also to the culture of Spain and Latin America. Learn about Spanish language and culture, pass your exams, prepare for your next vacation or improve your CV by taking a Spanish course with us.

The teaching method we follow in our Spanish lessons at Bass Muziek in Groningen is a very simple, yet effective one: we adapt to the needs of every student. We combine the personal preferences of the people we teach with our teaching experience to create a tailor-made method. This ensures the best results for every student. Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn the basics, or your Spanish is very advanced, we offer you the chance to improve and practice it.

We can help you improve your speaking, grammar, vocabulary, listening, and reading skills. More emphasis will be given to the skills that you prefer.

Frequency. Duration.

The lessons will be given preferably once a week and the standard duration is 60 minutes. If you have any other scheduling wishes, don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange them. We are flexible in planning, so please let us know what your prefer.


Our language lessons are given at Singelweg 1, 9714 AP in Groningen. In the quarter Korrewegwijk near to the shoppingcenter De Beren. This location is easily accessible by car, bicycle and public transport. If you have trouble finding your way to us, please let us know, so we can help you navigate your way to the school.


Individual 60 minute lesson – € 30,00
Two person 60 minute lesson – € 20,00 per person, per lesson.

Student discount* – 20 %
*Does only apply if you can show your valid student card.